Welcome to my books, my blog and to some of the adventures that make up my writing life.  I've been an author since my novel 'Midnight Blue' won the Smarties Book Prize back in 1990. Sometimes my writing life has kept me at my desk, but sometimes it's taken me to all sorts of exciting places. A few years ago it took me to the jungles of Belize for my gap year novel, 'In The Trees' and, by contrast, recently my writing on the subject of the quintessential English country town, Shrewsbury, has been published as the book 'Behind Closed Doors in an English Country Town'

I hope you'll find plenty to enjoy on my site. Take a look around and see what you can find.

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‘A teenage novel set in the real world with real characters of strength and depth…  A powerful story of coming through, with no punches pulled.’ Daily Mail

‘A gripping novel, hard to put down.’ Children’s Book Foundation

‘Confident readers of eleven upwards, particularly girls, will appreciate the intensity with which both hilarious and sad episodes are related.  This is a superb novel which deserves a place in school libraries and book boxes.’ School Librarian

‘A tough book with a moving story which doesn’t pull its punches abut the strange dynamics of family life.  Again this is high quality writing full of excitement and atmosphere and not afraid to tackle difficult issues.’ The Western Mail


‘A 'must-read' book and a 'moving story that asks people to open their eyes to the effects of global warming.'  Live Magazine

'The gap year novel has arrived, hot from Belize and Pauline Fisk's capable pen.' The Irish Times

'Fisk has opinions but she doesn't feel the need to tub thump or put clumsy words into the mouths of her characters and everything simply flows beautifully. She went to Belize to research this novel and she has brought back such a wealth of sights and sounds and cultural attitudes to put in it that you can almost feel it. For me, the country was the stand-out element of In the Trees. I'm recommending this book, in case you hadn't guessed. It's original and fresh - a far cry from the floods of genre fiction filling the teen shelves in bookshops; it's well-written and interesting; it's by Pauline Fisk for heavens sakes! I think they'll like it.' Jill Murphy, The Book Bag



'A lovely book.  Pauline Fisk is a fine writer and her story is not only exciting and mysterious but makes a strong emotional point and is wonderfully rich in every detail.’  The Guardian

'To my embarrassment, this book made me uncooperative and uncommunicative until I had finished it.  It certainly has an appeal far beyond the juvenile fantasy category.  It is intriguing, beautifully written and keeps the reader wondering until the very last page. The suspense of disbelief is not merely willing, but eager; the fantasy becomes reality in one's mind, springing from that rich central core of England that gave us Elidor, Puck, Middle Earth and Watership Down.  This is fantasy at its best.' FICTION FOCUS

'Midnight Blue is about growing up, about self-knowledge, and about the redeeming power of love.  It's imaginative and magical.  And just a little bit scary.  What more could you want? ...Here's hoping this new edition gives this lovely and unforgettable book a whole new generation of readers.' JILL MURPHY,  BOOK BAG