'Fisk has an effortless understanding of what it feels like to be a child.'

  Kate Kellaway, The Observer 

I grew up in the suburbs of south London, a shy girl who loved books and created a world inside her head.  The way I saw it, my parents’ garden was full of hidden fairy folk, the alley behind it was their kingdom and if home life was boring at least the local library was close by - my gateway to all things fabulous and exciting.

I remember that library being built.  I didn’t come from a bookish family, but the day it opened, I enrolled.  It became my second home. I loved everything about books, including their smell.  If I could have bottled ‘Essence of Library’, it would have been up there with roses and vanilla ice-cream.

I was always making up stories, and once I’d learnt to join my letters together the next step was to write them down.  Reading had brought me freedom, but writing was even more liberating. No matter what I wanted, I could make it happen in my own perfect world  If a book I loved was finished, I’d simply write more chapters.  In fact, my first public recognition came from a Winnie the Pooh story I composed to comfort myself for having read A.A. Milne dry.

Writers are weird people.  On one hand they’re deeply private with secret inner lives and on the other hand they’re exhibitionists who can’t resist sharing what’s going on inside their heads.  My experience of sharing that story was so exhilarating that I’ve never stopped since, both writing and reaching out to young readers.

I now have children of my own, but I still dream of wild places and create worlds inside my head.   I’ve been a published author for many years now, but the hunger to create new stories never goes away. When I'm not writing, I'm to be found weaving on one of my weaving looms or walking the Shropshire hills or reading a good book. I'm also to be found writing monthly blogs on the e-authors' blogsite, Authors Electric. I'm also responsible for the one-year blog on Shrewsbury My Tonight From Shrewsbury