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The Walk Which Makes Things Happen

This is the walk which makes things happen.  It's also the railway bridge in 'Sabrina Fludde' under which the street boy, Phaze II lives, and where Abren makes her home.  The first night I lived in Shrewsbury, I went down to that bridge in the dark to find a saxophonist improvising down there [I also found an otter, but that's another story].  The sound of music disappearing downriver in the mist was magical.  Now I walk down there every morning, exercising  my dog, and it's the place where ideas start to come alive. 

This has been a good week for writing.  For a while now I've known what I've been striving for but it was only at the beginning of this week that I found my story's 'voice'.  This is the key that unlocks everything else.  Without it, the writing's  just a jumble of ideas.  I've been struggling for that sense of voice for weeks now but, when I woke up on Monday morning, it was there in my mind.

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