Between Wakefulness and Sleep

 I love that sleepy time between dreaming and proper wakefulness when, if I can only get onto the computer, all the best ideas come.   I know I’m truly inspired when I catch myself out forgetting to press ‘Save’. Dangerous, I know, but even something as small as saving can break through the barrier I've created for myself between what's real and what's not.

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The Walk Which Makes Things Happen

This is the walk which makes things happen.  It's also the railway bridge in 'Sabrina Fludde' under which the street boy, Phaze II lives, and where Abren makes her home.  The first night I lived in Shrewsbury, I went down to that bridge in the dark to find a saxophonist improvising down there [I also found an otter, but that's another story].  The sound of music disappearing downriver in the mist was magical.  Now I walk down there every morning, exercising  my dog, and it's the place where ideas start to come alive. 

This has been a good week for writing.  For a while now I've known what I've been striving for but it was only at the beginning of this week that I found my story's 'voice'.  This is the key that unlocks everything else.  Without it, the writing's  just a jumble of ideas.  I've been struggling for that sense of voice for weeks now but, when I woke up on Monday morning, it was there in my mind.


Crack, Pop, Fizz - My Blog is Launched


Writing's an adventuresome occupation.  It isn't all sitting at a desk staring blankly at a screen. Sometimes authors have adventures in the name of finding the next story. That's what this blog is all about. Throughout my writing life, I’ve had all sorts of experiences in the pursuit of the next book. I never know what's going to turn into something or what'll end up forgotten about. Few of my literary adventures have been quite as testing as jungle trekking in Belize for my novel 'In the Trees'. Most have  gone on inside my head, and the adventure has been turning them into finished books. In this blog, I'll attempt to share what it's like to be an author, shining a light into the ongoing mystery of the creative life with all its twists, turns, highs and lows. If I had a bottle of champagne this would be the moment to open it.  Bang, pop, fizz - my blog is launched!  

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