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Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?

A big question, and welcome to the world of Authors Electric.  There are about twenty-five of us writing under the banner of 'A daily blog by professional UK authors independently publishing e-books for Kindle and other devices.' Some of us are children's authors, others write adult fiction, history or self-help books.  All are published authors who've decided it's more financially viable to e-publish directly rather than go through our publishers, and have taken the marketing of these e-books into our own hands.  

This is a major trend in modern publishing. Whilst booksellers and publishers hold their breath, waiting to see what the trends are showing and what will happen next, authors are getting on with it.    

If you're interested in women writers, read Kathleen Jones.  Or Lynne Garner will tell you the hidden benefits of reading an e-book. If you want to know what Simon Cheshire has to say on getting kids reading, click HERE, or HERE for psychotherapist, Susan Jane Smith, on freedom from fear. Roz Morris will give you wise advice on writing your own novels, and playwright and author Catherine Czerkawska writes about where ideas come from.

That's only a small sample of what's on offer  Our website, 'Do Authors Dream of Electric Books', teems with ideas and opinions.  You can even join author Enid Richmond in her drive to raise funds to send a small and very unwell child, Vigo, to the United States for an operation.  And, if you're an e-book published author yourself, we do currently have one place for a fellow-blogger.

I don't often write adverts.  But I've just written one today, and I reckon it's worth it because Author Electric posts are always stimulating and always have something new to say.  So take a look on www.authorselectric.blogspot.com.  Give it a go.  And if you want to read my latest post, HERE it is! 


Julian Nott, Jim Woodman - Flying with the Greats

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about flying here on this blog.  Last time it was about my dreams of flight, but this time it’s flight itself.

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Imaginations On Fire

When I was a child, I remember my local library being built. I was down outside its front door waiting for it to open on the first day.  From then onwards, my little yellow scooter was to be seen bearing me back and forth, a bag full of books thrown over the handlebars, on an at least thrice-weekly basis.

I came to love the library.  It became my second home and the papery, slightly musty smell of books became the smell of all good things...

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