'FLYING FOR FRANKIE' -  Faber & Faber

“The power of this book lies in the way the fragmented, awkward, independence of the two young teens is portrayed with great accuracy, warmth and grace. The surety of the characterisation is masterly, and gives wonderful texture to the narrative.”   MIMI THEBO, WRITE AWAY

“The newest title from award-winning Pauline Fisk is a gem….it is moving and heartwarming without being at all sentimental.”   THE OBSERVER

“[A] richly layered novel about what it means to be a real friend.”   CAROUSEL

‘Going up there changed me.  It changed the way I look at life and the way I think.  Once I let go and dared to fly.  And I did it for myself, not anybody else.  I didn’t fly for Frankie.  She flew for herself.  And I lost my fear and, out there on the far horizon of everything she’d known, she lost hers.  We made a few discoveries about ourselves.  Everything was different from what we’d thought.  We’d peeled back the edges of our world and found out there was more.’

Like ‘Midnight Blue’, this is another story featuring a balloon flight - and it’s one in which old friends from that book make a cameo appearance.  But this is Charis’s story, not theirs, and it’s a story of friendship against all odds.  Charis’s best friend, Frankie, is the healthiest person she knows.  Yet things aren’t what they seem because Frankie has cancer and nobody knows it, not even her. 

‘Flying for Frankie’ follows Frankie’s battles with her family, her health, her fears and her hopes, and Charis’s battle to be a proper friend - even when it means facing her worst nightmare to fulfill Frankie’s greatest dream.   

I longed to do something for Frankie, to put her mind at rest.  But there were some things you could do for people, I reckoned, and others that you couldn’t.  Some things, in fact, that you couldn’t even contemplate - and taking away their fear of death definitely came into that category.

Or so I thought.