'Mad Dog Moonlight' is a stunningly beautiful close to Fisk's 'Children of Plynlimon' sequence - fans of David Almond will love it. Multi-layered and lyrical, it's ultimately about the search for belonging. But what really counts in the end, is the redeeming power of love as offered by family and friends.' JILL MURPHY, BOOKBAG

`This story of magic and myth will appeal to fans of Alan Garner and David Almond ... plenty of adventure and suspense' - SALLY MORRIS - THE DAILY MAIL

'MAD DOG MOONLIGHT' - Bloomsbury

The third 'Children of Plynlimon' novels

 Another child of mystery and another river journey - this time up the Rheidol to its source on Plynlimon Mountain, which is where foster-child Ryan Lewis (the Mad Dog Moonlight of the title) discovers the power of his real name.  It’s the story of a traveller-child, picked up lost on a lonely road with nothing from his past but a silver-topped walking cane upon which is engraved a secret word.  Mysterious deep silences lay inside Mad Dog, with hints of buried trauma.  What happened to his old life?  And what about his parents - have they really abandoned him and, if not, what‘s happened to them?  Only when his path crosses that of a pair of mysterious adventurers whose interest in Plynlimon seems to match his own, do things begin to fall into place.  A final journey takes place, and not only are Mad Dog’s secrets given up but Plynlimon’s secrets too. 

Author's Note

In ‘Mad Dog Moonlight‘, I’ve written the last of  my three mystery novels about one mountain - the legendary Plynlimon - and the rivers flowing down from it,  rich with magic, history and myth.  Over many years now I’ve explored wild and remote places, following the rivers myself and allowing my stories to be dictated to by the journeys they take.  Following Mad Dog’s journey up the River Rheidol to unpack the secrets of Plynlimon, as well as who he really is and what his destiny might be, has really challenged me.  I don’t think I’ll ever write anything quite like it again.